Bay Area bred.

Born in the Philippines but brought up in the Bay Area since age eight, I was blessed to have a childhood marked by multiculturalism, exposure to cutting-edge technology, and an upbringing that emphasized hard work.

Raised by a single mother, I found myself enamored by the computer screen when she was off at work at a very young age. While other kids played games, I found myself with the thirst to create, learning video editing, basic web design, and more. It wasn't until high school where I rediscovered my passion for creating something beautiful for others to enjoy.

As I explored avenues of graphic design, web development, and more, it was my education at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo that truly solidified my focus for UI/UX design. It was creating delightful, easy-to-use experiences in my coursework and extracurricular activities that I felt fulfilled and complete.

Keith and his family visiting 
                the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco for the first time since immigrating to the United States.

Designing with purpose.

Enriched with an interdisciplinary education and an ethnic studies minor, values of diversity, equity, and social justice have become integral to my work. I believe that there is (and should be) a place for these conversations in order to create projects that benefits all, regardless of background or ability.

Keith and his colleagues in PolyCultural 
                Weekend, a student-run campus event that showcases organizations and resources for underrepresented students
                at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for conditionally-accepted incoming first-year students.

In everything I do, I believe in...

Universal Access

Regardless of factors that prohibit people from using technology, I believe that extra time and effort should be taken to ensure anybody and everybody can benefit from what I create.

Ethical Design

I am the proud self-proclaimed president of the Anti-Dark Pattern Club. Our products should be transparent, and always keep in mind the impact that we leave on our users, our society, and our world.

Delighting Users

Usability should not come at the cost of aesthetics, or vice versa. I believe in creating experiences that is a pleasure to use, where users are come back because they want to, not because they need to.

The tools to succeed.

Don't let the title of "new grad" fool you––my experiences at Cal Poly have empowered me to go into the workforce ready to tackle what comes my way. Whether it is the ability to conduct usability tests, assess the needs of my stakeholders, create a pixel-perfect mockup, or run on an Agile or Scrum workflow, my repertoire of skills is ready to take on the challenge ahead.

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